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Homeopathy: Services
Mahesh Rajagopal BHMS
(Graduated as a Homeopathic Doctor in India)



Unlike orthodox medicine which labels symptoms under disease names and treats each body system in isolation of others; Homeopaths recognise that all symptoms whether felt emotionally or physically are that person’s individual response to an illness, and are the body’s way of trying hard to bring itself back to health. The Homeopath matches these individual responses to symptoms expressed within the homeopathic remedy.

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All consultations are based on prior appointments. Please call +44 -7577778631 or email "" to book an appointment slot/s.
New consultations could last upto 90 minutes based on the chronicity of the problem.
New Acute cases however could take lesser time.
Follow up consultations could last between 15 minutes to an hour, dependent on the changes that needs reporting.

Doctor's Appointment


All consultations are done via online. Please ensure to be in a quiet place with all relevant details (test results, discharge summaries, blood reports, previous prescriptions etc., if any) at hand. You may prefer between video phone calls or online video platforms.
Homoeopathic treatment is based on the individual’s detailed history and therefore, more the information regarding the symptoms of the disease and the patient furnished, the better it is, to arrive at the right medicine (similimum). Unusual, uncommon, peculiar symptoms of the patient are most important for the constitutional assessment, and this includes symptoms from the Mental, Physical and Emotional aspects. Homoeopathic treatment is majorly individual based and not solely disease oriented. Therefore, its vital to furnish as much details as possible to arrive at the right medicine.

Herbal Oils


Medicines shall be dispatched to the preferred address wherein the medicine cost and postage charges shall be separate and can be added to the consultancy charges. For rarer remedies, prescriptions can be sent to a Homeopathic Pharmacy from where patients shall be sent the medicines by post (Payment for medicine may be directly done with the Pharmacy)- Applicable to pts in UK and International patients. Since patients can easily misinterpret or miunderstand the literature available online or offline regarding various homeopathic medicines which then gravely affects their treatment, mindset and emotional status, names of the remedies are not disclosed to patients. In some cases, the names may be reaveled only after treatment, if the homeopath feels safe to do so. This is done in the best interest of the patient and patients can be rest assured that all medicines are natural remedies derived from sources such as plant kingdom, animal kingdom, mineral kingdom etc.


Information Pertaining to Video Consultations

Adults (Video Consultations)
First consultation could last 1 ½- 2 hours 
Follow-up consultation could last approximately ½ - 1 hour 

Acute diseases or problems - Time varies to severity of the condition

Children (Video Consultations)

First consultation could last upto 1 hour 

Follow-up consultation would last approximately ½ hour

Acute diseases or problems - Time varies to severity of the condition

Cost of Medicine/s and postage may vary and are separate from consultancy charges.

Homeopathic remedies are usually posted within 3 days of consultation. Instances where a rare remedy/combination is involved, the dispatch could be delayed and rerouted through a pharmacy.

Communication between appointments regarding treatment

Dr Mahesh may interact through phone calls/messages to monitor progress in between appointments, depending on the nature of your condition; this service is included in the fee.
However, if the nature of your condition changes, the Dr will recommend you come in for a further consultation. This could be chargeable at the normal rate, if it requires further case taking.

Acute Diseases (Video Consultations)

Consultation for acute conditions usually takes 15-30 minute consultation (Face to face or telephone)

Dr Mahesh recommends a basic homeopathic kit which will include most remedies needed for common acute conditions such as fevers, coughs, colds etc. This is particularly useful for children who may need prompt treatment.

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