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CQC Compliance

Through strategic planning and a cohesive team-building approach, my clients have managed to get the results they sought after from my consulting services. Take a look at what I’ve done in the past, and contact me today.

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CQC Compliance

This project is a great example of how I keep my clients’ best interests in mind. I start off by conducting a thorough analysis of the premises, internal and external, followed by a look into what updated policies and documents they already hold. I then build a plan for the next few phases which would provide my client an understanding on what to expect within what time frame. I always keep the door open for any immediate or short term requests which they may have and try to accommodate them. This could include HR help, help with appraisal, staff and employment issues, finance issues, supplier negotiations, introducing 3rd parties and external stake holders etc... I finally present them with all documents of policies that they need to add to the folder, the work they need to work on based on priority, a check list of what all items need regular monitoring etc. Final check list of internal and external inspection is passed on and I avail myself to any queries the client may have for a set duration even after end of my contract.

PCN Business Management

In the consulting industry, each situation is unique and requires a specific set of solutions. For this project, all the PCNs which I have worked with had varied requests and support needs. The main tasks I have helped PCNs with, are Vaccine site feasibility including SOPs and mapping out patient journey. This included many site visits too. Other areas included HR support, ARRS recruitment, Setting up IT systems, organising and chairing online meetings, Supporting the Estates project in Newham – Auditing & identification of premises for ARRS Staff, Maximize IIF and SNS achievements, Address issues with searches and liaise with CEG to iron them out, Support PCN Managers, Practice Managers and Audit personnels with work on DESs, IIF, Medicine Optimization Targets and SNS achievements, Liaising with Finance department and Practices to release payments on weighted list size/achievement proportions, Liaise with HR department, Chair monthly PCN Board meetings, Member of interview Board for recruiting PCN Staff including ARRS staff, Communicating regularly with ARRS Staff, (especially Clinical Pharmacists), PMs and PCN managers for Estates Project and Target maximization.

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